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The Gammachambers are designed to conform category 1, self-contained, dry source storage type of irradiator as per American National Standard, ANSI N43.7 (1984), Meets the requirments of type B(U) Radioactive package as per AERB Code SC/TR-1, Now. 86 and IAEA Safety Series-6 1985 as `amended in 1990. The Gammachambers have mechanism for rotating/stirring sasmples during irradiation for better uniformity of dose, have low external leakage radiation level of 5 mR/hr, or less 5 cms from the surface with maximum source loading, having
provision for introduction of service sleeves for gases, thermocouples, etc. in to the irradiation chamber and have solid state programmable controls provided with battery back up power for operation both in auto and manual modes even during the main power failure. The equipments are shielded for radiation by Lead & Stainless Steel 304 L.

Client: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre